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Child and Volunteer Protection

Region 83 is committed to the safety and protection of our children and our volunteers.

Our Regional Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) is charged with the protection of our children and our volunteers by assuring that all of our volunteers are registered with the organization, and that volunteers who have contact with children have completed the Safe Haven certification program. Safe Haven is provided as a part of all Coach and Referee training.

In Region 83, reference checks of volunteers are performed annually by the CVPA on a random basis (reference checks are performed on all new volunteers), and criminal background checks of volunteers are performed annually by the National Support and Training Center on a random basis, except in the case of the Regional Commissioner, the CVPA, the Regional Registrar, the Regional Treasurer, any regional board members who lead or organize children's activities, all coaches, all assistant coaches, and all referees on whom a criminal background check is performed every year automatically. Volunteers for whom concerns are raised through this process, are addressed in accordance with AYSO policies.

Region 83 is also acutely aware of the damage that can be done to the personal and professional reputations of our volunteers as a result of any public accusation of misconduct, whether true or not. As a result, we strive through the Safe Haven training program not only to educate our volunteers as to what is appropriate and inappropriate conduct, but to provide them with an ability to assess when they may be at risk of accusation, and how to avoid such risks. Our volunteers are one of our most valuable assets, and second only to the protection of our children, their protection is a priority.

If you have questions or concerns, whether a volunteer, parent or child, please do not hesitate to call the Regional CVPA, Cindy Collins, (805)489-6120
 or Regional Commissioner, Tom Lebens, (805)597-4747.


1. Region 83 is committed to the protection of all its children from all forms of abuse and neglect while participating in the program and it promotes the awareness and prevention of child abuse in the community at large.

2. Region 83 shall have a Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA), who shall be responsible for overseeing the child protection program in accordance with AYSO guidelines.  He or she shall be a member of the regional board and will act as the main resource on child protection issues and shall be the region's liaison with the Coordinator of Child Protection Advocacy at the AYSO Education Department.

3. Region 83 requires all volunteers to complete, date and sign the appropriate volunteer application form and its authorization to AYSO and Region 83 to perform a background check. Volunteers shall be screened at a level appropriate to the level of risk.

4. Region 83 shall have the right to revoke the participation of any individual who lies or knowingly misrepresents information on the application form, or who violates the principles of these policies.  AYSO and Region 83 shall have the right to revoke both the registration and certification of any volunteer who falsifies information, is found guilty of child abuse, or fails to fill in and return the volunteer application form.

5. A complaint, grievance, and appeal process shall be as described in Article Nine of the regional guidelines, with the addition of appeal to AYSO if it is the screening agency.  The names and identities of the claimant and the defendant shall be protected at all times during proceedings, except to the extent disclosure is required by law.  The claimant need not be present to give evidence at any ensuing hearing, thus avoiding victimizing a child a second time.

6. A volunteer accused of abuse will be asked to resign voluntarily.  If the volunteer refuses, the board will move to suspend the volunteer until the matter has been resolved.  Regardless of civil or criminal guilt for the alleged child abuse, the continued presence of the volunteer in the program may damage the reputation of the Region, even during an investigation or pretrial phase.

7. A volunteer accused of child abuse but subsequently cleared may apply for reinstatement in the region.  However, reinstatement is not a right, and reinstated volunteers are not guaranteed return to their former positions.


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