Division Coordinators

Division coordinators are regional board members who are responsible for administration of the various divisions. If you have a question your coach cannot answer, this is the person to call upon for the answer!

Last Name First Name Phone Email
U6 Anderson Raechelle 202-8526 raechelle_anderson@yahoo.com
U8 Miller Sara 459-5890 saralmiller82@gmail.com
U10 Lloyd Chuck 709-1545 cmlloyd@charter.net
U12 Clark Dina 458-6070 dclark742003@yahoo.com
U14 Reed Anita 202-1487 motomom21@hotmail.com
Last Name First Name Phone Email
U6 Vargas Rachel 709-5802 vargas6webad@yahoo.com
U8 Fairbanks Jennifer 481-2473 billynjen@gmail.com
U10 Parker Paul pb_parker@yahoo.com
U12 Lloyd Marissa 709-3248 cmlloyd@charter.net
U14 Aguiler Sherri (559) 362-5274 salaguilera1@hotmail.com