Welcome to Five Cities AYSO Region 83 soccer, an experience to be enjoyed and participated in by the entire family.

AYSO soccer is more than an athletic program.  AYSO is also focused on player development.   AYSO is an opportunity for our children learn skills, meet friends, work as a team, learn and practice good sportsmanship, and to make and carry out a commitment to their team.

We are committed to the five AYSO Philosophies: Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, and Good Sportsmanship.

Everyone plays: every registered player will play at least three of the four quarters of each regular league season game in which they play. (Players arriving late to a game may not play three quarters.) Players playing goal keeper will play at least one quarter out on the field.

Balanced Teams: every effort is made at the time teams are formed to form teams of equal skill. Players have more fun playing soccer when games are competitive. Training is offered to and required of all of our coaches in an attempt to assure a high quality of coaching for every team.

Open Registration: any player meeting the age requirements for AYSO soccer, and timely paying a registration fee and completing registration paperwork is given an opportunity to be placed on a team, independently of skill. The number of players and teams we are able to field is dependent on the number of volunteers we have to coach and referee.

Positive Coaching: we teach our coaches to keep it positive. Player have more fun when they aren’t being over-coached, and are being encouraged. Soccer is a player’s game, and players need to develop the ability to think and act on their own on the field.

Good Sportsmanship: we teach our players good sportsmanship. Winning teams are not winning teams without an opponent. And, when the score is not in your favor, winners behave with grace.  Our five goal rule (which applies to all divisions) helps to teach players respect for their opponents, and that being a winner means not running up the score.

Our primary focus is not on building winning teams, but on building winning players–regardless of the final score. We recognize that there is a great deal of pressure on children today to be “the best.” We also recognize that the number one reason kids give for quitting an athletic program is pressure. We therefore instead focus on helping each player to be “their best.”

For parents, AYSO is an opportunity to become involved in an exciting program with your children.  AYSO has no paid staff on the local (Region), Area or Section level.  All of our board, staff, coaches, referees, field crews, and other volunteers contribute their time freely without any monetary compensation.  We do so in service of our own children, and in service of the children of our community. Literally, this program requires a minimum of one volunteer for every family registered.  It is vital that you actively participate in supporting AYSO at all levels.

Additionally, AYSO is a chance for parents to teach their children that they must honor their commitment to their team.  This may mean helping them regret a party invitation or forego a trip because a game is scheduled.  Helping children make wise choices of activities, such as AYSO, and encouraging full participation without any excuses, will benefit the players throughout their life.

Five Cities AYSO Region 83 has three main means of communication.  The first is through our Division Coordinators to our coaches, and then to our registered members;  the second is through announcements on our Information/Message line at (805)597-4747; and the third is on our website, which is updated regularly;  Keep an eye open for more details on our website, and sign up for our electronic mailing list. 

So, welcome to Region 83 AYSO.  I hope you enjoy this year as part of the AYSO family.

Tammy Slocum
Regional Commissioner, Region 83