Coaches’ Code

1* A good coach teaches players respect and positive regard for teammates, opponents, and referees. Examples include:

  • Respectfully discuss concerns to referee through team captains or in private,
  • No profanity or spitting.

2* A good coach champions good sportsmanship between the team’s players and parents, and opposing team. Examples include:

  • Handshakes before/after games,
  • Strive to limit scoring during lopsided games,
  • Applaud good play by all players,
  • Provide opportunities for each player to start and play each position.

3* A good coach comes to games with an attitude. Examples include:

Positive instruction,

Provide encouragement,

Emphasize fair play (no on-purpose fouling).

4* A good coach carries player registration forms with medical information at all practices and games.

5. A good coach knows that winning kids comes first, and winning games comes second.

6. A good coach observes his/her players to ensure they are hydrated, are not playing hurt, and requests play stoppage if blood is present.

7. A good coach ensure players are equipped with shin guards; not wearing jewelry; nails trimmed; prescription eyeglasses snug; shoes tied; shirts tucked in.

8. A good coach checks for proper ball inflation; inspects the goals & field for hazards.

9. A good coach introduces stretching techniques and includes warm-ups at practices & games.

10. A good coach learns the AYSO rules and correct soccer techniques, and how to teach this to the kids (AYSO systematic approach to training).

11. A good coach comes to practice with a mission of improving each player in a fun way.

12. A good coach knows that every player is unique, and will vary the space, speed, and opposition at practices accordingly.

13. A good coach encourages questions and listens to the kids.

14. A good coach tells his/her players to play hard at practice and work hard in school.

15. A good coach obtains team volunteers, including team parent, snack coordinator, practice parent, picture day organizer, and end-of–season party organizer.

16. A good coach ensures his/her team has an AYSO certified referee at each game (U6/U8).