Field Dimensions

U6-Grover Beach Elementary…45′x90′ field, pop-up goals

U8B-North Oceano Elementary…75′x150′ field, 6 1/2′ x 18′ goals

U8G-16th Street, Grover Beach…75′x150′ field, 6 1/2′ x 18′ goals

U10G-Margaret Harloe Elementary…120′x180′ field, 7′x21′ goals

U12G-Margret Harloe Elementary…150′x240′, 8′x24′ goals

U10B&G-Porter and Don Roberts, City AG…115′x180′ field, 7′x21′ goals

U12B&G-Ikeda, City of AG…154′x228′ field, 8′x24′ goals

U14B&G-Volunteer, City of AG…176′x300′ field, 8′x24′ goals

U14B/G- Oceano Elementary…154′x 340′ field, 8′x24′ goals

U16B/G- Shell Beach Elementary…154′x360′ field, 8′x24′goals

U16/U19B&G-Volunteer, City of AG…176′x300′ field, 8′x24′ goals

Field dimensions are based on recommendations from AYSO National and limitations of actual field areas available. Typical goal areas are 18′ deep, and penalty areas are 54′ deep for U12/U14/U16 fields, and proportionally reduced for U6/U8/U10 based on the smaller game fields.