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Region 83 History

The first date AYSO is mentioned locally is July 1975 when we became a pilot region. Dan De Jong was our first recognized Commissioner and was helped by many volunteers. The 5 Cities Youth Soccer League as it was first known was comprised of 2 teams of 5th and 6th graders from Shell Beach, and 2 teams from Oceano, 59 boys and girls in all. Region 83 became chartered as a full region in July 1978.


In 1980 Region 83 was serving the 5 Cities and Nipomo and had 600 youth playing. Through 1985 the numbers remained around 600 to 650 and had a registration fee of $20 per child. Going into the 1988 season there were over 1,000 youth in our region.

In 1989-90 Nipomo created its own region (716), separating from the 5-Cities region which had grown to nearly 1,200 youth. In the mid to late 2000s, Region 83 served as many as 1,640 youth! We currently serve approximately 1,100 youth. The 2016 season will proudly mark 41 years serving the youth in our community!

Key people

Although a lot of people volunteer a tremendous amount of time to make each season happen the Regional Commissioner holds the major burden of planning and operating the league. A great deal of responsibility is on their shoulders.

Region 83 Regional Commissioners
1976-1977 Dan DeJong
1978-1979 Dieter Heinz
1980 Tim Banducci
1981 George Stewart
1982 Tim Banducci
1983 Don Ramsay
1984 Dieter Heinz
1985 Will Power
1986 Chuck Hurst
1987 Tim Banducci
1988 Tim Banducci
1989-1990 Milena Denike
1991-1992 Chris Deviny
1993-1994 Lin Buhlman
1995 Lin Buhlman
1996-1997 Mat Van Steenwyk
1998 Tom Buhlman
1999-2001 Joe Steed
2002 Ken Claassen
2003 Ken Claassen
2004-2007 Tom Lebens
2008-2016 Tammy Slocum
Laura Nall

2020-2022Curt and Erin Eichperger
 2023-Kelli Johnston

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