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10U (Birth Years 2016/2015)

Practices are held twice per week on a separate day from game day.
-Duration of practice should not last longer than 60-minutes.
-The coach signs up for a practice field, day, and time that works for them (one of the perks of coaching a team!).
-Practices must be held on the designated location, day, and time the coach signed up for. Any changes MUST be communicated to the practice coordinator or division coordinator.

Once coaches have completed their volunteer requirements, division coordinators will provide them with their rosters and we encourage them to reach out to their team immediately to schedule their team meeting and practices. It is encouraged for coaches to start practices two weeks before the first game if they can as soon as they get their roster to prepare for the season.

10U Game Guidelines

Ball: Size 4

 AYSO-certified Regional Referees

  • Coach must have a Coach folder with player registration forms at every practice and game.

  • Coach must stay out of the field of play. Coaches must stay in the technical area "coach box".

  • Numbers: 7v7

  • Substitutions: Between periods, at halftime and for injuries.

  • Playing Time: Each player must play at least ½ of each game.

  • 2, 25-minute halves (no stoppage time at the ~12 min quarter for substitutions)

  • Halftime break of five minutes.

  • Build-out line

  • Throw-in

  • No heading

10U Build-out Line

1. The build-out line shall be placed across the field equidistant between the top of the penalty area and the halfway line.

2. The opposing team must move behind the build-out line for a goal kick or when the goalkeeper has possession. (Note:  BOL does NOT apply to Free Kicks taken by the defending team behind the BOL.  LOTG Law 13 still mandates that for Free Kicks taken within a team own penalty area, all opponents must be outside on the penalty area and 10 yards from the ball until the ball is put into play)

3. The player taking the goal kick does not have to wait for opposing players to move behind the build-out line to put the ball into play. The goal kick may be played to either side of the buildout line. The ball is in play after the ball is kicked and clearly moves, after which the opposing team may cross the build-out line. If an opponent crosses the build out line before the ball is in play and interferes with the goal kick, the kick is retaken.  (Note:  Be aware that the players do NOT need to wait for the ball to leave the penalty area before they can cross the BOL)

4. The goalkeeper in possession of the ball in their hands does not have to wait for the opposing players to move behind the build out line to release the ball. The ball may be released to either side of the build out line, after which the opposing team may cross the build out line. If an opponent crosses the build out line before the ball is released and interferes with play, an indirect free kick is awarded to the goal keepers team at the point where the opponent crossed the build out line.

5. The build-out line in the opponents' half of the field shall be used as the line to determine offside. Players cannot be penalized for an offside offense between the halfway line and the build-out line.

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