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Parent FAQs

These are “frequently asked questions” by parents and others. If you have a question that is not listed here please contact the commissioner.


Questions and Answers

 What do the registration fees cover?

Registration fees cover a portion of the costs of running the program, a uniform that your child keeps at the end of the season, the “basic” photo package, and supplemental accident insurance for AYSO-sponsored activities.You must pay separately for shoes, shin guards and a soccer ball. Proper equipment is essential for safety.

When is the soccer season?

The Fall season will typically have the first games played in late-August, and will run through the beginning of November, this period is considered the regular season, also known as Fall Core. Most of the teams from the 10U, 12U, and 14U divisions will participate in our Region's playoffs in November (Ken Claassen Tournament).  Coaches will be given their team rosters and practice field assignments in mid-August. All teams can begin practicing in mid-August. Due to coach’s personal availability (e.g. vacations, etc.) the practices may not begin until later.

When will the games be played?

All soccer games held in the Fall season are played on Saturdays only (with the exception of our end-of-season tournament, and possibly one other weekend due to field availability limitations), with the exception of the 16U/19U division, which plays games on Wednesday evenings with Area play on Saturdays. Games are held every weekend from the start of the season to the end of the season.

Where will the games be played?

Games are played at the Soto Sports complex, which is located on the 1300 block of Ash Street in Arroyo Grande.

When do practices start, where are they and how frequent are the practices?

For the fall season practices begin in late-August depending on coach schedule. The coach and practice field assignments determine how often the team practices. The following guidelines are common for practice schedules (the Head Coach determines the practice schedule):
6U: 1x a week for 60 minutes on Saturdays (20 minutes for practice, followed by one game of four five-minute quarters with a five-minute break. For 6U, no separate practices are held throughout the week.)
8U: 1x a week for 30 minutes (Coaches will select a day M-F between the hours of 4pm-6pm)
10U: 2x's a week for 1 hour sessions (Coaches will select a day M-F between the hours of 4pm-6pm)
12U: 2x's a week for 1.5 hour session (Coaches will select a day typically M,W,F between the hours of 4pm-8:30pm)
14U:  2x's a week for 1.5 hour session (Coaches will select a day typically M,W,F between the hours of 4pm-8:30pm)
16U: Typically practice Monday night, Games Wednesday nights

Region 83 Practice Conflict Policy: When players are unable to attend practices due to conflicts outside of AYSO, our region does not expect the coach to change his/her practice date. One of the perks of coaching in AYSO, is that the Head coach can select a practice time and day that works for him or her. Our region does not move players based on practice time conflicts. The player has two choices 1) To stay on the team roster and he or she will still get to play on Saturdays. There is no consequence for missing practices in AYSO. OR 2) The player can drop from the program and be removed from the team roster.

In what division will my child play?

Divisions are based on birth year. 
2023 Ages:
6U: 2020/2019
8U: 2018/2017
10U: 2016/2015
12U: 2014/2013
14U: 2012/2011
16U: TBD

What kind of equipment does my child need?

  • Players must be in team uniform to play in games (current team uniform is not worn at practices)
  • Shin guards are REQUIRED equipment for all practices and games.
  • Shoes: Most players wear soccer cleated shoes but they are not required. If a player wears cleated shoes, ONLY shoes specifically designed for soccer are allowed (no baseball or football cleats). Referees are NOT required to stop a game if a shoe becomes untied or comes off (a frequent situation for younger players). Double knots are suggested.
  • Bring a ball (if you have one) and bottle full of water to every practice.
  • All jewelry INCLUDING PIERCED EARRINGS must be removed during soccer play (no exceptions).
  • Hair clips, or bands with sharp corners, or hard ornamentation must be removed during soccer play (no exceptions).
  • Ball sizes:
    • 19U, 16U & 14U: size 5;
    • 12U & 10U: size 4;
    • 8U & 6U: size 3.

What are the boundaries of your region? Can I join your region if I don’t live there?

One of philosophies of AYSO is “open registration”. This means that people from any neighborhood are welcome to join Region 83. However, all of our league season practices and games are played locally, in the Five Cities area.

How do I find out what team my child is on?

Coaches receive their team rosters at the Annual Coaches Meeting in mid August. If a coach is not able to attend the annual Coaches Meeting, they are responsible for obtaining their team roster from their division coordinator. You should be contacted by your coach shortly thereafter. Practices may begin shortly thereafter. If you are not contacted by your coach by the end of August, please contact your Division coordinator.

When will the game schedules be available?

The game schedules will be available via the web site during the week before opening day.

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