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6U (Birth Years 2020/2019)


-The 6U division consists of teams of max 6 players per team.

-The 6U activity day will consist of a 60-minute session: 20 minutes of technical development and one game of four five-minute periods with a five-minute break.

Sample Session:
9:00-9:20- 20-minute training session
9:20-9:25- 5-minute break
9:30-9:40- Game begins-1st and 2nd period
9:40-9:45- 1/2-time break
9:45-9:55- 3rd and 4th period              


-Practices are held at the beginning of the 60-minutes session each Saturday as stated above. No separate practices are held throughout the week.

-The team has a short practice "technical development session" follow by a small-sided game with another team scheduled for that same time and field.

-Each team has half of the field assigned for their session to do their pre-game activities. All activities to occur during the 60-minute session including the game.


6U Game Guidelines

Ball: Size 3

Official: One or both coaches should “officiate". Coaches can be on the field to officiate (a whistle may be helpful)

  • Coach must have a Coach folder with player registration forms at every practice and game.

  • Numbers: 5 players per team on field; no goalkeepers.

  • Substitutions: Between periods, at halftime and for injuries.

  • Playing Time: Each player must play at least ½ of each game.

  • Four 5-minute periods.

  • Halftime-break of five minutes.

  • Kick-in or dribble-in (no throw-in)

  • No offside

  • No heading

6U Information

Player Equipment: 
Shoes and shin guards, covered by the socks are mandatory at all practice and game activities. Soccer shoes, tennis shoes, or similar type athletic shoes are recommended. The type and condition of cleated shoes must be inspected for safety before use. Jersey, shorts, and socks are provided by the region. 

The Players: 

  • Numbers: 4x4 or 5x5 depending on registration numbers (teams will be notified about numbers before the season starts)
  • Substitutions: Between periods, at halftime and for injuries.
  • Playing Time: Minimum of two periods per game and no player should play four periods until everyone has played three.
  • Teams: Separate girls and boys teams should be promoted at all levels of play. Only players should be allowed on the field; with the exception of a coach from each team to manage the game.       
Kids are No. 1; Fun – not winning – is everything; Fans only cheer, and only coaches coach; No yelling in anger; Respect the volunteer referees; No swearing or abusive behavior; No alcohol, tobacco or drugs; No weapons; Leave no trash behind; Set a proper example of sportsmanship. No dogs.

6U Field

The Field: The recommended field size for 6U games is 25-35 x 15-25 yards marked with lines or cones.

The Markings: Distinctive lines can be used but are not required. Field can be marked using 20 flat pro-cones to mark all four sides.

The Goals: Goals should be four feet high and six feet wide OR four tall cones, two each set six feet apart.

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