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Become a Team Parent

The AYSO Team Parent is a pivotal part of every team. They are the coach's assistant, cheerleader and traffic director all in one. These are things you will already be doing if your child is on the team, so take it one more step and help the entire team operate more smoothly!

Every coach needs help arranging snacks and water for games, making calls when rain or snow makes practice impractical, and keeping an energetic team in line on the sidelines. You're making a difference for a whole team - a team that includes your child. It's a great way to make your child's team a family experience!

Another important role a Team Parent can play is the unofficial Kids Zone representative at every game. Kids Zone is one of the ways AYSO makes sure all its players and volunteers are having fun. The program encourages spectators to use good language, show good sportsmanship in attitude and behavior, and create an enjoyable day for every player. The Kids Zone button, parent pledge form and sign, remind those on the sidelines to act appropriately, and a Team Parent can wear and share these important tools with everybody watching the game.

Please step up at the beginning of the season and offer the coach your help as Team Parent! 

Team Parent Training Requirements



All steps below must be completed by a team parent. 


1. You must REGISTER as a volunteer in your AYSO account where you registered your child/children.: 
Go to your AYSO account>LOG IN> VOLUNTEER> Find volunteer roles (and register as a team parent).

2. Please email the correct Division coordinator and let them know the coaches name for the team you are representing:


When you registered your child/children, you may have already filled out the “volunteer form”, for the position you are volunteering for. This portion also has you complete a background check through STERLING volunteers. Please make sure to submit and follow the directions regarding the background check and complete ALL of the steps. (Check your email for an email from Sterling Volunteers).

This is a 1-Time fingerprinting that you need to complete. If you have fingerprinted for other volunteer roles (e.g., Lucia Mar, etc.), you need to complete this requirement for youth sports. NOTE: AYSO is requiring it's own background, so they do not go from sport to sport (LINK)*GO TO: (The cost is $25)

5. SAFE SPORT (only do if you will be helping ON the field over 16 hours across the duration of the 10 week season).
All volunteers will need to take the full training course in the first year of volunteer work in a youth sport, which is 90 minutes, and repeat it every three years, followed by annual updates in the in-between years, which are 30 minutes. You will be able to access the SafeSport training by following these instructions:
Login to your Sports Connect account where you registered as a volunteer.
Click on the volunteer tab on the left-hand side of the screen
Click on SafeSport box
Click on Renew and Update
A screen will pop up where you will click on the “click HERE” link or copy and paste the URL into your browser to begin training.-
Note: Youth Volunteers (anyone under the age of majority in your state) are not required to take this training.

Must complete every 2 years.
(Click VIEW COURSES > Enroll for the AYSO's Safe Haven - Online)

Must complete every year.
(Click VIEW COURSES > Enroll for the CDC Concussion Awareness - Online)

Must complete every year.
(Click VIEW COURSES > Enroll for the Sudden Cardiac Arrest - Online)




  • Log into your account 

  • Click on ‘my account’

  • Look to left column and click volunteer

  • If you have not “found a volunteer role” and registered for that volunteer role for THIS season, please complete the application. (Make sure to follow ALL of the steps to complete the background check through STERLING).

  • Look to the right under “find volunteer roles” button and Click ‘AYSOU’ 

  • To find your certifications you can click on SKILLS PASSPORT in the left hand column

  •  To complete trainings you can click on TRAINING LIBRARY in the left hand column


General Responsibilities and Duties of the Team Parent

Your duties will vary from team to team and each coach will be different but in general the team parent takes care of the following tasks:

Organize a Contact Information Sheet and Game/Snack Schedule: Gather all the team information in one easy to view location and create a game schedule with snack assignments.     

Some snack tips:
- Rotate snack assignment through the team players, except the coach’s and assistant’s coach’s child.

- Ask other parents about any food limitations (like allergies) and any games they will miss to help avoid snack assignment changes.
- Easy halftime snacks are great (like grapes, oranges or other easy to eat fruit).

- End-of-game snacks usually include a drink and 1-2 small things to eat (like granola bars, jerky, etc.).

Weekly Updates: Send out weekly email/text updates with game time and field, assigned snack duty, and any other relevant information (like change in practice).

End of Season Party: Organize the end of season team party and coordinate a "Thank You" gift for the coaches.  The cost of a gift for the coaches should be shared among all the team members.

Another important role a Team Parent can play is the unofficial Kids Zone representative at every game.  Kids Zone is one of the ways AYSO makes sure all of its players and volunteers are having fun.  The program encourages spectators to use good language, show good sportsmanship in attitude and behavior, and create an enjoyable day for every player. 

Important Reminders for Team Parents

It is important for the Team Parent to be familiar with the following rules:

Everyone Plays: One of the 6 philosophies of AYSO is Everyone Plays.  Our Region requires that each player be on the field for 3/4 of the game.  Coaches will design their SCHEDULE to fulfill this philosophy. 

5-Goal Rule:  One of the 6 philosophies of AYSO is Good Sportsmanship. Region 83 mandates that no team should be up by more than 5 goals at any point during the game.  Coaches will make strategic adjustments to fulfill this philosophy.  For example, a coach may switch player positions, require that each player touch the ball before a shot on goal, or require that players can only shoot with their opposite foot.

Registered Volunteers:  All registered volunteers must complete the same requirements as listed above for the Team Parent.

Bathroom Breaks:  For the safety of players and volunteers, an adult may not be alone with a child at any time.  If a child needs to use the bathroom (and their own parent is not available), a registered volunteer PLUS 2 other children must accompany the child to the bathroom (register volunteer plus 3 children).  When 1 child is in the bathroom, 2 other children will be waiting with the registered volunteer.

Coach of Opposite Gender:  If the coach is the opposite gender of the team, a registered volunteer of the team’s gender must be at all team events, including practices, games and meetings.  For example, if a woman is coaching a boys’ team, a male registered volunteer must attend all team events.            


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