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Ken Claassen Tournament Details

Ken Claassen Tournament

11/8/24 -  11/10/24

Tournament Rules:   2023 Ken Claassen Tournament Rules

Tournament Game Schedule: TBD

* Please Note:  It is the team referee's responsibility to officiate a minimum of 3 games during the tournament.  In the absence of a team referee, 2 points for every game missed will be taken off of the team's final points (a total of 6 points could potentially be deducted)

Tournament Referee Scheduler:  TBD

Abbreviated Claassen Tournament Rules for Referees


Requirements for Participation in End of Season Claassen Tournament


        Requirements to Qualify for Ken Claassen Memorial Tournament & Point System

Every team is REQUIRED to have a qualified, certified coach and team referee
(All requirements for each position must have already been fulfilled at the beginning of the season and verified by Board staff)

* In order to advance to Area Q playoffs the winning team, in addition to the above requirement, must also have a trained assistant coach (meeting the same requirements as the head coach)

 Tournament standings will be used to determine which League season teams will represent our Region at the Area League Playoffs in Nipomo, December 2-3, 2023.  League season win/loss/tie record, i.e., standings, WILL NOT be used to determine which league season teams represent our   Region at the Area League Playoffs.  In other words, it's possible to qualify to   represent the Region in the Area League Playoffs even if the team lost all its league season games.  

** Important - the final decision to qualify the winning teams for Area playoffs is made by the Area Director.  If the team players, coach, spectators have not consistently embodied the spirit of AYSO's philosophy of good sportsmanship and tenets of Stewards of the Game, then the 2nd place team may be sent instead.

This tournament was designed in part to eliminate regular season standings as a determining criteria to participate in Area League Playoffs.  In turn, this allows coaches to focus their attention and efforts on player development during the 10 game regular season instead of on winning every game. Additionally it's meant to reduce sideline intensity as well as pressure on the players and referees and promote the value of the Kid Zone, i.e., the protective zone we maintain so our kids are free to play fun, fair, safe, and positive soccer. Participation in the Claassen tournament will be determined by teams meeting all qualifications to participate: having qualified coach/team referee, earning the 35 requisite points via team referee(s) officiating, not losing too many points due to the team referee not showing for games they signed up for (unless it's excused for illness etc), incidences of misconduct, and again, not displaying good sportsmanship throughout the season.

Participation in the playoff will be preconditioned on teams qualifying, based on playoff points earned (or lost) during the season

TEAMS WHO EARN 35 POINTS WILL QUALIFY FOR THE PLAYOFF TOURNAMENT (Note that cannot sign up in advance on the website for your own child's game and 8U referees cannot earn points twds the Claassen tournament)

Points are earned (and lost) as follows: 

Qualifying Activity


Each game refereed by certified and trained referee (must sign-up in advance on the website) *

(+) 5

Each game refereed by certified and trained referee (without signing-up in advance) *

(+) 4

Each game assistant refereed by certified and trained referee (must sign-up in advance on the website)*

(+) 4

Each game assistant refereed by certified and trained referee (without signing-up in advance)*

(+) 3

Each no show of a referee who had signed up in advance on the website

(-) 4

Each no show of an assistant referee who had signed up in advance on the website

(-) 3

Each red card or ejection (player, coach, or spectator)

(-) 5

Each Yellow card (player)

(-) 2

Each Violation of the (5) goal rule

(-) 5

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